Perth Golang Community

Golang Perth

February meetup

5.30pm Wednesday 21 February 2024

Why err != nil is the Better Way and How Go 1.22 Stops You From Shooting Yourself in the Foot
by Joseph Miocevich

Introduction to OpenTelemetry, and Instrumenting Go Services for Observability
by Andrew Wilkins

More details surrounding the presentations to be announced soon!

Python WA

March meetup

5.30pm Thursday 7 March 2024

Details will be announced soon.

Perth AI Meetup Group

March meetup

March 2024

Details will be announced soon

Explore our tech hub in Perth CBD with free access to event, training, and podcast rooms for the tech community.

Podcast room

A professional podcast relies on 2 main ingredients: Compelling content and high-quality sound. You have the first – let us provide the second. 

  • 4 Studio Quality Dynamic Mics on adjustable boom arms with shock mounts
  • 4 channel digital mixer/interface with PC, Bluetooth and Audio links
  • 4 PreSonus open back monitoring headphones
  • Discreet and Stereo output functionality
  • Audio processing capabilities and pre-sets
  • 6 seats and spacious podcast table
  • Video Recording capabilities on own phone or camera
  • Acoustically treated room
  • Contoured desk
  • Easily accessible inputs and outputs

Training and Event space

A collaborative space for business owners, founders, innovators, communities, and leaders where technology innovation is at the centre of their endeavours.

  • Flexible set up
  • U-shape conference style 15-20 people
  • Theater style seating capacity 40-50 people
  • Good natural lighting
  • Free wi-fi access
  • Access to kitchen facilities
  • Catering available

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