Digital solutions that give you an edge

When you can automate your business, create tech-enabled opportunities, and move quickly, you gain a competitive edge

How we can help

We build smart digital solutions that transform your business by automating processes, streamlining operations, or creating new products and services.

Custom software

Our team work with your people to create custom software solutions.

Product Market Fit

We help you analyse market potential, define product strategies, and commercialise your product.

Agile delivery

We'll show you how agile development can empower your people to deliver faster results.

Cloud consulting

We specialise in cutting-edge cloud native development services and leverage AWS capabilities.

What sets us apart

Our unique Own The Edge approach to development cuts through the complexity and delivers real solutions in incremental stages with results that compound over time and make you win.

Take Small Steps

Large digital transformation projects can be overwhelming and ineffective. We break the process down so you see incremental success.

Be Nimble. Add value Sooner.

To be competitive you need to change and add value fast. Our talented team helps you do that.

Make Change

When you can automate your business, create tech-enabled opportunities and move quickly you gain a competitive edge.

Who is Horizon Digital?

We’re Perth’s largest specialist in custom software development – equipped with the people and the skills to help you deliver digital solutions fast.

But our passion extends beyond project delivery. We’re on a mission to build a more connected and thriving tech community in Perth. Whether it’s our meetup groups or free access to training and podcast rooms, we’re all about empowering our fellow tech enthusiasts to share knowledge and grow together.

What our clients have to say

DigitalX Limited
DigitalX Limited
Dave Beros, Chief Product Officer
“Horizon Digital provides thoughtful and pragmatic support with a balance of commercial and technical experience in bringing digital projects to life."
Hiremii Recruitment
Hiremii Recruitment
Brad Kobus, Chief Financial Officer
“Horizon Digital is a vital partner for Hiremii’s recruitment technology deployment. They understand the flexibility and have the expertise needed to develop an innovative technology platform, as well as assist with its commercialisation. It has been a pleasure to work with a team of professionals that bring a range of important skills to our project.”
P&N Bank
P&N Bank
Nicole Milloy, Business Analyst
"Thank you for coming to P&N to present a fun and informative Agile Team Forming workshop. We just completed our Tribe Retro, where you got many shout-outs from the squads. They found the activities insightful and valuable, and are looking forward to using the fruit estimation cards in their sprint planning next week."
WA Utilities
WA Utilities
Ben Forrest, Managing Director
"The updated jobs portal has been met with lots of excitement internally, and from our key client, ATCO Gas. Our team can now complete job forms onsite, saving considerable admin time in the office. It also gives us real-time production data and first-person data entry."
rocket and man icon representing launching a custom software development project with Horizon Digital

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