Podcast Studio Perth

Explore our tech hub in Perth CBD with free access to event, training, and podcast rooms for the tech community.​

Podcast room

A professional podcast relies on 2 main ingredients: Compelling content and high-quality sound. You have the first – let us provide the second. 

  • 4 Studio Quality Dynamic Mics on adjustable boom arms with shock mounts
  • 4 channel digital mixer/interface with PC, Bluetooth and Audio links
  • 4 PreSonus open back monitoring headphones
  • Discreet and Stereo output functionality
  • Audio processing capabilities and pre-sets
  • 6 seats and spacious podcast table
  • Video Recording capabilities on own phone or camera
  • Acoustically treated room
  • Contoured desk
  • Easily accessible inputs and outputs

Training and event space

A collaborative space for business owners, founders, innovators, communities, and leaders where technology innovation is at the centre of their endeavours.

  • Flexible set up
  • U-shape conference style 15-20 people
  • Theater style seating capacity 40-50 people
  • Good natural lighting
  • Free wi-fi access
  • Access to kitchen facilities
  • Catering available

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