Welcome to Horizon Digital, your leading AWS partner based in Perth, Australia. We specialise in cutting-edge cloud native development services.

Embracing a cloud native approach, we provide superior scalability, enhanced flexibility, rapid innovation, seamless performance, and cost reduction, positioning businesses to fully leverage the capabilities of Amazon Web Services (AWS). From custom software solutions to mobile applications, cloud services, and market validation, we are committed to empowering diverse industries for sustained growth and efficiency.

AWS Partner Horizon Digital

Why choose Horizon Digital as your AWS Partner

At Horizon Digital, we excel in providing a comprehensive suite of services tailored to your specific needs.

Unleash success with Cloud-Native Development

Unlock success with our specialised team, dedicated to crafting cloud-native development solutions tailored for AWS. Whether it's for new applications or refactoring existing ones, we bring your ideas to life, navigating major stacks, languages, databases, and technologies, covering web-based software, mobile app languages, frameworks, and IoT devices. Design and develop highly elastic, reliable, and resource-optimized applications with us. Experience unparalleled scalability, enhanced flexibility, and rapid innovation, all while enjoying seamless performance and reduced costs through serverless solutions. Propel your business into the future of efficiency with our cloud-native expertise.

Legacy application support

Our team has a proven track record in application development, maintenance, and integration expertise for legacy systems, encompassing areas such as Corporate HR, CRM, Financials, Operations, and Sales/Marketing.

Mobile app development

We are passionate about creating cutting-edge mobile applications that seamlessly integrate with your AWS infrastructure. Our expertise spans all major mobile app languages and frameworks, ensuring your mobile solutions are best-in-class.

Market validation

With market validation services, we help you ensure that your solutions meet real market needs and are poised for success.

Product commercialisation

We guide you through the commercialisation process, helping you bring your products and services to market effectively.

Our AWS Use Cases

Digital Customer Experience

Horizon Digital transforms your digital customer experiences by leveraging AWS capabilities, enhancing customer engagement, and driving loyalty.

Migration and Modernisation

Our expertise in AWS migrations and modernization ensures that your applications run efficiently and securely on the cloud.

We cater to a wide range of industries

We collaborate with a wide range of sectors, offering tailored solutions to address the unique challenges each industry faces. Some of the industries we have extensive experience in include:


We understand the unique challenges of the mining industry, offering tailored solutions to enhance operations and efficiency.

Mining services
Mining services

We support companies in the mining services sector, providing technology solutions that streamline processes and drive growth.

Transport and logistics
Transport and logistics

Our expertise in AWS helps transportation and logistics companies optimise their operations for maximum efficiency.


We empower manufacturing businesses to stay competitive through AWS-powered solutions that enhance productivity and innovation.

State Government
State Government

We collaborate with State Governments, delivering AWS-based solutions that drive public service excellence.

Start-ups & scale-ups
Start-ups & scale-ups

We assist in evaluating, expanding, and accelerating ideas, enabling you to discover the benefits of scaling up with a research and development focus.

Who we work with

We collaborate with a diverse range of clients, tailoring our cloud-native development solutions to meet their unique needs and aspirations.

Tier 1 challengers:

Empower your business to challenge the larger Tier 1 corporations with turnovers ranging from 50 million to 2 billion. We offer our expertise in building cloud-native applications and facilitating digital transformation that allows you to outperform Tier 1 competitors in user experience and operational efficiency. Whether it’s launching new projects, maintaining existing ones, or upgrading them, we provide comprehensive custom solutions for seamless growth. Step into the realm of the Tier 1’s with our tailored cloud-native development solutions.

Mid-sized scaling businesses:

Our services are designed for businesses aiming to enhance and optimise existing software to streamline operations for automation and scaling. Especially beneficial for those grappling with staff shortages, we view technology as a strategic alternative. Our goal is to enable exponential scaling, deliver exceptional customer experiences, outpace competitors, and improve internal operational efficiency.

Professional startups:

Collaborating with SaaS startups backed by founders with extensive business experience and good funding, we guide them through the entire journey—from validation and planning to building, maintaining, supporting, and growing their SaaS offering. Our partnership ensures a robust foundation for success in the competitive landscape.

Our process

Agile excellence

Embark on a journey of innovation with Horizon Digital, where our agile excellence transforms ideas into reality. Here’s a glimpse into our seamless process:

Discovery and validation:
  • Begin with an initial consultation to validate the client fit, ensuring a mutual understanding.
  • Undertake technical or market validation if needed.
Project kickoff:
  • Appoint a dedicated delivery lead and technical lead for project discovery.
Vision and roadmap:
  • Engage in discovery meetings to define the software vision, goals, success metrics, system stakeholders/users, and use cases.
  • Iterative discussions ensure a comprehensive understanding.
Planning and estimation:
  • Develop estimations and roadmaps for client acceptance, including budget estimates.
Team formation:
  • Build dedicated teams for each project, fostering a collaborative and focused environment.
Client engagement:
  • No billing until work commences, emphasising commitment and client satisfaction.
Sprint execution:
  • Collaborative planning of sprints with the client and the team.
  • Execute sprints with a two-week cycle, ensuring continuous progress.
Feedback and Iteration:
  • Conduct bi-weekly sprint reviews for feedback and progress updates.
  • Iterate and refine based on client input, ensuring alignment with expectations.
Continuous delivery:
  • Repeat sprint cycles until the first deliverable is achieved.
  • Deploy deliverables as required, with optional commercialization/change management activities.
Billing process:
  • Billing is conducted at the end of the month, due the following month.
  • Transparent and fair, aligning with project milestones and client satisfaction.

Experience the Horizon Digital difference, where our agile process ensures the success and satisfaction of our clients at every step.

Thinking of elevating your business with AWS?

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