What is business transformation?

Put simply, business transformation is about changing the way you operate and deliver value to your customers through the use of technology. You can transform by automating processes, streamlining operations, or creating new products and services.

That being said, it’s not just about having the latest tech systems or software. Business transformation is also about fostering a culture of innovation and customer centricity – because it’s your people who truly give you the power to drive your business forward.

We understand that a lack of resources, internal capability and high costs of development and implementation are some of the main reasons why almost 20% of WA businesses abandon transformations, and that’s where we come in.

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Transformation isn’t a project

What is often missed, but is critical, is that business transformation is more about people than technology. On average, there’s a 70% failure rate because:

  • Ideas aren’t tested with customers
  • New ways of working aren’t embedded first
  • Leading change is hard
  • Lack of clear goals and alignment among the Executive team
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Our approach

While everyone’s transformation is unique, we believe that there are four key focus areas to consider before you start designing your journey.


Create a culture of innovation and customer-centricity


Improve your core business by enhancing existing technology


Deliver value quickly with adaptable teams


Generate growth opportunities outside your core business

We don’t just plan, we build and launch

We start by understanding what business transformation means to you and the problem you’re trying to solve. Are you wanting to automate processes, streamline operations or create new growth opportunities?

We’ll then work together to break your business transformation into smaller horizons, and test and validate as we go.  We’ll not only leave you with an actionable plan, but help you to implement it with new ways of working, software development, and change support along the way.

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