Woman in Tech
Aubree and Estera

In honor of International Women’s Day, we sat down with Aubree, our skilled Web Developer, and Estera, our dedicated Project Lead, to delve into their experiences in the tech industry. Their stories not only shed light on women’s experiences in tech, but also highlight their strong passion for innovation and their vision for the industry’s future.

What motivated you to pursue a career in the tech industry?

Estera: “When I moved to Perth from Sydney, I worked in government and later in insurance. These jobs were stable but didn’t offer the freedom and excitement I wanted. Fate stepped in at a networking event where I met Jesse and Jason. Jason saw potential in me and suggested I apply for a Project Lead role at Horizon Digital. Despite not having a tech background, I saw it as an opportunity to embrace new challenges.”

Aubree: “I’ve always been passionate about tech since I was young. I started programming at 13 and loved it. I planned to study computer science in university but dropped out due to personal issues. I struggled with the documentation-heavy approach in TAFE courses and shifted towards networking (software development specialization). Eventually, I met Riz from BlueSky during an IT event, leading to an internship and later a full-time position. While I considered networking as a career, my love for programming never faded.”

What do you love most about your role?

Estera: “It’s all about the people. Each project has a person behind it, and being part of their dream is truly rewarding. Whether it’s celebrating success or troubleshooting issues, I’m invested in making a positive impact.”

Aubree: “I love problem-solving and seeing the products we develop flourish. Unlike networking, where success is often only apparent at the end of a project, programming offers constant mini wins that are incredibly rewarding.”

Have you experienced inequality in the workplace?

Aubree: “I don’t face it as much today; BlueSky and Horizon Digital have always been great places to work. Early on in tech, there was dismissiveness, but I learned to stand up for my convictions. Building trust can be challenging, but it’s essential to assert yourself and be vocal about your contributions.”

Do you have any advice for women pursuing a career in tech?

Aubree: “Don’t get bogged down in one tech stack. The industry evolves rapidly, so stay adaptable and continuously learn. Embrace change and view it as an opportunity for growth.”

Estera: “Step out of your comfort zone. Take risks, and don’t be afraid to pursue your passions, even if they diverge from societal expectations. Forge your path with confidence.”

How do you see the role of women evolving in the tech industry in the coming years?

Aubree: “I believe that there is a place for a lot more diversity in the tech industry. We often see a homogeneous mindset and goals, which limits innovation. Greater diversity brings different perspectives and helps address overlooked issues like accessibility and observability. Thinking outside the box is essential for growth, and embracing diversity can facilitate this.”

Estera: “I feel there are already more opportunities for women in tech, such as She Codes, which I’ve attended and found amazing. I believe it’s a crucial first step, but there’s still progress to be made. By actively participating, learning, and showcasing our skills, we can overcome biases and stereotypes in the tech world. Change is happening, and many incredible women are leading the way.”

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, Aubree and Estera’s stories embody this year’s theme of “Inspire Inclusion”. We encourage you to check out internationalwomensday.com to learn more about how we can create a diverse, equitable and inclusive world.


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