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Terri Bowman talks bout her tech journey with Blissiree mobile app From idea to full scalable mobile app solution.

We were delighted to showcase our client, Terri Bowman, at our recent LinkedIn Live interview, hosted by Ryan Smyth at Stratium Group.

Our dedicated team has been working alongside Terri to bring her new wellness and mental health mobile app, Blissiree, to life, and we couldn’t be prouder.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into Terri’s journey; what inspired her, the pivotal moments that shaped Blissiree, and the advice she offers to fellow innovators.

Where it all began

Terri’s tech journey started over two decades ago when she collaborated with a team of scientists in America to develop a unique technique that rewires your brain as you sleep. This technique (known as the positive auditory stimulator technique) redefined how we care for our minds and became the foundation of her new wellness and mental health mobile app, Blissiree.

What initially started as a physical business with just one client, evolved into more than 10,000 clients over time. And with stress patterns and unconscious trauma becoming increasingly common, Terri had the desire to make a more profound impact.

My goal is to leave a legacy to eradicate mental illness and end all suffering,” said Terri.

Embracing technology

Terri first considered franchising, but soon realised this option was labour-intensive and time-consuming. And that’s when she decided to embrace technology and build a mobile app – to give her the ability to scale, without the problems that rapid growth brings.

To get the word out, Terri leveraged her existing client database. It was important to target those who understood and experienced her work in the past, as there are often misconceptions about her technique.

Advice for fellow innovators

The road to building the new Blissiree mobile app was challenging. Initial offshore partnerships resulted in costly setbacks. Based on Terri’s experience, her main advice for fellow tech entrepreneurs is:

  • Homework matters: Talk to and learn from people who’ve walked the path before.
  • Local partnerships: Opt for local partnerships – they share your vision and the ability to connect face-to-face fosters alignment.
  • Brilliance breeds success: To succeed you must be brilliant, not just great.

Watch the full interview to learn more

If you want to delve deeper into Terri’s journey, watch the full interview below.

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