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Jason Seel and Jesse Hill from Horizon Digital and Amel Holic and Rizol Farek from BlueSky Digital Labs join forces

We’re pleased to announce that Horizon Digital and BlueSky Digital Labs officially joined forces on Monday 1 May 2023.  

Driven by our aligned services and values (and a mutual love of custom software development), this made for a great business collaboration. 

“With the growing demand in the WA tech landscape, we saw this as an opportunity to deliver greater value to our clients, drawing on the skills and expertise of our expanded team of 70 people.”

Jason Seel, Director Horizon Digital & BlueSky Digital Labs. 

By bringing together the best of both companies, we look forward to providing our clients with not only custom software solutions but support throughout their digital journey. 

About BlueSky Digital Labs 

BlueSky Digital Labs was established in 2012.  

From WA start-ups to mid-tier enterprises, BlueSky provides digital solutions through custom web software development, system integrations, and mobile app development.  

They have a Perth-based team of more than 30 software engineers. You can find out more about the team on the BlueSky Digital Labs website

We look forward to this exciting new chapter together, working towards our shared vision of making tech innovation simple. 

If you’re looking to streamline or automate business processes, boost your team’s agility, or commercialise a new product idea (or do it all!), we’d love to hear from you.